luni, 17 mai 2010

Lesotho people

The majority of the people of Lesotho lives in its villages. The cities and towns of the country contain only 18% of its people, while the rest 82% live in villages. Family forms the basic unit of life in Lesotho. Villagers live in “kraals” or a group of buildings used by a single family. Village life is idyllic. The Sotho people have a distinctive culture of their own, which has been carried down from the past. The national dress of Lesotho is Basotho blanket, worn by people of the country on social occasions. The conical Basotho hat also symbolizes the distinct culture of the country. Animals like ponies, donkeys, cattle and sheep form an important part of life in Lesotho. Ponies are the most common means of transport in the mountainous regions.

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  1. Foarte faina fotografia! Colorata si vesela, bine incadrata si proportionata. Pare un fel de lume de poveste, iar casa parca e din turta dulce. Asa imi da mie impresia. :)